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Holiday Hairstyles to Inspire Your 2022 Glam

It’s officially party season, and we’re ready for some matching holiday hairstyles! 

While some people dread the social obligations that crop up this time of year, most of us beauty-fanatics are delighted. Each party is a unique opportunity to dress up, put on some makeup, and try a new party hairstyle. 

If you’re asking yourself “How do I style my hair for the holidays?” we have a bunch of examples to inspire you. Our tips and product recommendations will help you achieve whichever hairstyle you like, with options for just about every hair type. 

We have stylish new ideas for Christmas hairstyles for the family or office party, fashion-forward NYE hairstyle ideas, and hairstyles for every other kind of party you have coming up this season. 

Party Hairstyles for Every Occasion

Are you ready to party? Here are some hairstyles to get your in the mood to have fun, no matter the event! 

Holiday Braids

Holiday Braids


Looking for a holiday hairstyle for medium length hair? Braids are classic, and with a few simple tricks, you can take your braids from boring to sensational. 

To achieve these braided pigtail buns, follow these tips: 

  • Tip #1: Try a dutch braid instead of a french braid. A dutch braid, or under braid, wraps the hair under rather than over
  • Tip #2: Prior to braiding, use a hair curler to give your hair the best texture possible for thick braids. Our new Wave Away Triple Barrel Curler will save you time and give you the right amount of wave for voluminous braids. This curler has adjustable temperature settings and a gemstone-infused barrel, which prevents heat damage. Adjust the setting for your hair type to keep your hair healthy.
  • Tip #3: Braid your hair looser than you normally would, then pull the hair out to create more volume. Secure the ends with a small elastic. You tie them into a messy bun as shown in this image, or leave the ends long. 

Holiday Hair Accessories

Holiday Hair Accessories


Holiday hair accessories work with medium hair, long hair, curly hair, straight hair, and everything in between. If you’re visiting family and need to pack light, holiday hair accessories augment a traditional ponytail. The hottest accessory for this season? It’s just a simple ribbon.

  • Pick a color that contrasts with your hair, or stick with tried and true black. 
  • If the ribbon is short, try a double knot rather than a full bow
  • Look for a ribbon with a wire so you can easily curve it into the perfect shape
  • Make sure your hair is sleek and styled before tying the ribbon in. Remember to bring your Blown Voyage” 2-Piece-Set. This baby blow dryer packs small and comes with its own selfie light for your phone, so all your family photos will be picture perfect. 

Classic Blowout

Classic Blowout Party Hairstyle


A blowout is always a classy holiday hairstyle for long hair. Whether you’re heading back home or staying in town, it’s versatile enough for any setting. This look can be achieved with a blowdryer and a round brush, or you can save time and get the AF Swept Away 2-in1 Volumizing Dryer Blowout Brush. This blowout brush will save you time and effort, and the ergonomic swivel cord will save your wrists. 

To get the ideal blowout with a brush, follow these steps:

  • Make sure your hair is still damp or wet.
  • Use sectioning clips to section your hair into 1-3” chunks depending on your hair thickness.
  • Remember to section your hair relative to if you have a center part or a side part. 
  • Run the blow-dry brush through each section, turning it as your hair runs through.
  • Twist your hair in the direction you want the curl. 
  • Brush through when finished.
  • Apply a light finishing spray to keep your curls for the entire party.
  • Want more tips on this amazing tool? Read our full post on how to use a blow dryer brush

Faux Hawk

Curly Faux Hawk Holiday Hairstyle


If your hair is short to medium in length, the faux hawk always makes a statement at any holiday party. This look requires more bobby pins than you think, a comb, and gel or hair spray. 

  • Use sectioning clips to keep extra hair out of the way while working on each section. 
  • Comb your hair up to the spot you want the faux hawk to start. 
  • Insert bobby pins in a matching tone to your hair. 
  • Apply hairspray - use more on the lower half of your head, and less on the styled parts on top. 

If your hair is naturally straight or wavy, messy curls will better hide the bobby pins. The Studio Series 32mm Curling Wand with Gem Infused Barrel will help you style your hair perfectly. The wand gives you more control over the individual hairpieces, as you can wind your hair around the wand rather than having to twist your wrist like you would with a clip curler. 

Holiday Hairstyle for Short Hair

Holiday Hairstyles for Short Hair


The best part about short hair is that it essentially styles itself. If you’re looking for something to level up your existing look, consider body crystals. Body crystals always make a statement. They give trendy glamour in this party hairstyle for short hair. The look featured here is unique, and the supplies are surprisingly cost-effective. 

Pick up a pack of crystal stickers from your local dollar store, and apply them to your hairline. Whether you’re looking to be the most fashionable cousin at family dinner or to tear it up on a New Year’s Eve dance floor, sparkle is always an acceptable look for any occasion. 

Christmas Hairstyle Ideas 

Are you feeling the Christmas spirit? Here are some ways to show that off with your hairstyle! 

Colorful Holiday Fishtail Braids

Colorful Holiday Fishtail Braids


Color can take a Christmas hairstyle from traditional to anything but! This hairstyle features Christmas-themed hair accessories, but the real statement is how the braids show off the rainbow layers. 

There are many ways to achieve this look, including temporary at-home dyes, hair chalk, or getting your stylist to balayage a rainbow. If you’re not into the color but love the braids, follow the same techniques we mentioned above to achieve more volume. Finish the look by borrowing light ornaments and bows that would normally go on the tree, and hang them from your hair instead. 

Lit-Up Christmas Updo 

Lit-Up Christmas Hairstyle


Who said the Christmas tree was the only thing that could light up the room this year? If you’re still asking yourself “how should I do my hair for Christmas?” a crown or tiara made from LED lights is a sure hit. 

Find battery-powered lights so you’re not stuck to a wall outlet the entire day, and LED lights will ensure that you don’t overheat or burn your hair. Tuck the battery pack in the back of your shirt or, if it’s light enough, tuck it into a bun at the back of your head. 

Candy Cane Locks

Christmas Locks


If you’re looking for something really unique that requires little to no effort, these candy cane falls clip right in. Colorful extensions can be a fun addition without the cost or commitment of actually dying your hair. Synthetic falls will allow you to express your creativity for a night and they can be re-used in the future.

Trendy NYE Hairstyles

New Year’s Eve calls for glamorous, fun, and sexy looks, ideally with a touch of glitter. Here are some of our favorite NYE hairstyles! 

Slicked Back Glitter

Slicked Back Glitter NYE Hairstyle


Glitter is always welcome at a New Year’s Eve party. Instead of a sequined dress, start the new year with sparkles in your hair. 

This look is easy to achieve in just two steps:

  • If your hair isn’t naturally straight, set every strand in place with the MaxLength 1” Flat Iron with Rose Gold Titanium Plates. The titanium plates prevent heat damage and frizz, giving you sleek and soft locks. 
  • Comb your hair back and apply gel to the front of your hair. As it dries, sprinkle glitter onto the areas with gel. Comb the glitter gel through, and apply another layer around the front to create a more graduated look 

Elegant Half-Ponytail 

Elegant Half Ponytail Holiday Hairstyle


Not every New year’s Party is a crazy bash. If you’re doing something low-key but you still want to look pretty, pull your hair into a half ponytail and secure it with a black bow clip. This look is feminine without being infantilizing, and the half ponytail allows you to show off your killer earrings. The bow clips ensure that the bow will always be perfect, without having to tie it yourself.

Picture Perfect Hair

If the family isn’t impressed with your amazingly trendy and unique hairstyle this year, your friends certainly will be. Enjoy the parties, stay safe, take a lot of pictures and make the most of this holiday season. 

Did you find this post inspiring? Share your holiday looks with us on our Instagram, by tagging @almostfamoushair. 

From our squad to yours, happy holidays!