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How to Use a Blow Dryer Brush

Some women always look expensive. Their nails are immaculate, their skin is flawless, their white shoes stay perfectly white, and their hair is always frizz-free. We can’t clear your skin overnight, but we can help you get hair so perfect you could leave the house in sweatpants and people would still think you’re a reality TV show star. 

The secret to great hair everyday? A blow dry brush. Hair dryer brushes will save you money on salon visits, and they’re so easy to use. If you like the look of a blowout but lack the ambidexterity to do it from home, you need the AF Swept Away 2-in 1 Volumizing Dryer Blowout Brush. We’re going to tell you how to use it to become your most glamorous self. 

What is a hair dryer brush? 

Almost Famous Volumizing Blowout Brush

A hair dryer brush defines itself in the name: It combines a blow dryer with a brush. You can easily style your hair as you dry it, instead of wasting your precious time by breaking the process up into two steps. 

The brush detangles the hair and the multiple heat settings let you choose the best option for your hair type. No matter the hair, the result is frizz-free and voluminous.

With a blowout brush, you can give yourself a voluminous blowout, or you can create all kinds of styles. You can straighten wavy and curly hair, or you can give yourself perfect, bouncy curls and waves!

How to use a blow dryer brush like a pro 

Blowout with a hair dryer brush

As mentioned earlier, blow dryer brushes are very easy to use. We’ve broken down the usage steps, and we even throw in tips and tricks to help you take your hair to the next level. 

Step #1: Prep your hair 

After washing your hair, dry it in a t-shirt or pillowcase instead of a towel. The material is less abrasive and causes less breakage, resulting in less frizz. The goal is to remove excess water, ensuring your hair is still damp before you begin drying. 

If you like to use a hair moisturizer, leave-in conditioner, or hair oil, we recommend using it while your hair is still wet. If you’re normally someone who uses mousse, you may find it unnecessary with a blow dryer brush. Apply the product to your ends, then comb it through to the roots. 

Pro tip: If you like to use a heavier cream like macadamia nut oil, combining it with the blow dryer brush is like giving your hair a salon-quality hot oil treatment. Your hair will be shiny and healthy, and the heat will make sure the follicle is fully penetrated leaving no residue behind. 

Step #2: Settings & sectioning

Blow dry brushes are known for creating frizz-free styles, but there are still multiple settings depending on your hair type and comfort. If you have damaged or dry hair, use the cold setting. It will take longer to dry, but your hair will thank you for it. If you have normal hair, the low heat setting will be sufficient although you will have to be patient. If you’re in a rush, the high heat setting will get you out the door faster. 

Once you’ve applied your preferred products, and determined your preferred setting, divide your hair into 2-3” sections using sectioning clips. If you have thinner hair, one of the benefits of the blow dry brush is you can have bigger sections and the brush will still style your hair to perfection.

Step #3: Do it up!

There’s no fancy trick here. Section by section, blow dry your hair by brushing it! Start at the roots, slowly pulling your strands through the brush. Move slowly so the brush can properly and fully dry each strand. 

For the best results, first dry your hair from the crown of the head to ends while sitting or standing up straight. Then, flip your hair upside down and dry from the nape of the neck to tip. This guarantees that you fully dry the roots at the back of the head, as well. 

Step #4: Style!

Once your hair is dry, you can play with accessories and styling. Finishing spray will help maintain the hair if it’s hot and humid. Shine spray will add more gloss, but once again, isn’t super necessary when using a blow dryer brush. 

If you’re into big, bouncy ponytails, try tying your hair up high and wrapping a ¼” section around the elastic for a more elegant look, and pin it in place. If you want to keep your locks out of your eyes, stay trendy with oversized clips bedazzled with pearls and gemstones, or grab a few different hair bands to add variety to your everyday look.

How to use a blow dryer brush for curls

how to use hair dryer brush for curls

Our favourite thing about hot air brushes is how effortless it is to achieve big, bouncy curls with only one tool. The technique is deceptively simple, but patience is necessary. Curling your hair using this method takes longer than drying, but it creates substantially less frizz and lasts longer than using any other method.

  • When drying your hair, you want to get both sides of the strand - meaning top and bottom. 
  • Place the blow dryer brush on the underside of your hair on the first pass. 
  • On the second passthrough, place the brush on top of the hair. Make sure you start at the root so the entire length is dried. 
  • As you brush your hair out, turn the blow dryer brush as you pull the hair through. The hair will twist around the brush loosely, drying into gorgeous curls. 
  • Alternate top and bottom each time you pass the blow dry brush through, turning it as you go, until all the strands are completely dry. 

Pro Tip: If you want tighter curls, section your hair into 1-2” sections. That being said, there’s no wrong way to use this blow dryer brush so don’t worry if your sections aren’t perfect! 

How to use a blow dryer brush to straighten your hair 

how to straighten hair with blowout brush

If you’re aiming for straight hair, that’s even easier than curling your hair (which is still ridiculously simple!).

  • Instead of drying both sides of the strand while turning the brush, stick to one side of the strands. 
  • It doesn’t matter if you choose top or bottom and long as you’re consistent. 
  • Keep the brush straight instead of turning it. 

Mind-Blowing Hair

Smiling woman with blowout brush styled hair

Once you get a blow dryer brush, your life will be forever changed. You’ll save money, because you’ll have no need for a salon to style your hair for special events ever again. Your hair will get an unbelievable amount of attention, and people will want to know your secret. 

You’ll never have to worry about running into an ex or your frenemies in a bad outfit, because your hair will always be perfect. We’re not being dramatic, we just love hot air brushes this much and we know you will too! 

Once you pick up the best thing to come into your life, we want to see it! Post your photos, give us your best tips for styling hair with a dryer brush, and make sure to tag us @almostfamoushaircare!