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The Best Bangs for Every Face Shape and Hair Type in 2021

If you’re looking to upgrade your hairstyle for 2021 or fix those lock down bangs, we created this guide to help you find the best bangs for your face shape and hair type. 

Did you decide to cut your own bangs in lock down, and in need of a fix? Maybe you’re just in the mood for a change. What better way than trying out a new bang hairstyle! 

From curtain bangs to baby dolls to edgy feathered bangs, the time for the fringe is now. 

We have suggestions that will accentuate your face and natural hair type, to bring out your natural beauty. We also included tips on what to avoid, and product recommendations to help you achieve the look depending on your hair type. 

Thankfully, we can leave the actual cutting to the professionals. 

Choosing Bangs for Your Face Shapes 

When choosing the right bangs for your face shape, the goal is to create a balanced, complementary appearance. Some styles can make your face shape look a little extreme, or unbalanced, but these bang hairstyles are guaranteed to work. 

Bangs for a Round Face

A round face is balanced vertically and horizontally, with a rounded chin and wide cheekbones. Mila Kunis is a great example of a celebrity with a round face who knows how to complement it with her hair! 

When picking bangs for a round face, make sure your eyebrows are visible. This will keep your face from looking too short vertically, and allow you to highlight your eyes. Avoid long, straight bangs, as this will completely cover your eyebrows and shorten your face. 

Side bangs for round faces

Side bangs for round faces 

If you want long bangs, side bangs are the way to go. Side bangs will allow you to reveal your eyebrows, and there are so many styling options! 

With long side bangs, you can sweep them off your forehead to flow with your hair, while short layers will sit across it. Side bangs work well with any hair type, creating a versatile and effortless haircut. 

Micro bangs for round faces

Micro bangs for round faces


Micro bangs are really cool, and incredibly difficult to pull off with the wrong face shape, but thankfully, these bangs work well for a round face. Micro bangs allow you to show off your eyebrows, and are very on trend for 2021. 

Cutting them blunt will give off cleopatra vibes, which can be very sexy depending on the rest of your look. If ancient Egypt is not your aesthetic, go with a textured or choppy micro bang instead. 

Bangs for an Oval Face

Oval faces, like round faces, are balanced both vertically and symmetrically, but longer. Julia Roberts, aside from her notable smile, also has a perfect oval face shape. 

Oval faces are considered the “ideal” face shape for haircuts, because almost every haircut looks good. Whether cutting your bangs straight across or to the side, blunt or choppy, you have tons of styles to play with. 

Full bangs for oval faces

Full bangs for oval faces


Oval is one of the only face shapes that can pull off very full bangs. Blunt cuts look especially cute, but softened blunts with choppy edges are also a great hairstyle to try for 2021. 

If your hair isn’t naturally straight, the “Smooth Star On the Go” 2-Piece Set is a must have. This mini straightener is 0.5”, meaning you can get right up to the roots without burning your scalp. Slightly twist the straightener towards you at the end to get your bangs to lie flat. 

Side bangs for oval faces

Side bangs for oval faces


Side bangs are another classic option, and long layers are especially trendy this year. Plus, bangs with long layers allow you to play with both a center and a side part, giving you the versatility of curtain bangs and side bangs all in one look. 

Bangs for a Square Face

Square faces are characterized by angular features, with a square jaw that aligns with the cheekbones. Many hollywood stunners, such as Margot Robbie, are distinctly recognizable due to this face shape. 

There are many bang styles that work with a square face shape. Whatever the cut, aim for layered and choppy. Avoid blunt cuts and micro bangs as they will make your jawline look heavier rather than balanced. 

A-shaped bangs for square faces

A-shaped bangs for square faces 


A-shaped bangs are super cute, combining the best parts of straight bangs and side bangs. The layers complement this face shape well, and blend nicely with long or short hairstyles. A variation of this look is Bardot bangs, which also look great with a square face shape. 

Curtain bangs for square faces

Curtain bangs for square faces


Curtain bangs are, by definition, long and layered, and have the added benefit of being on trend right now. Similar to the A-shape, this bang style complements and balances a square face shape by revealing parts of the forehead before framing the cheekbones.

Bangs for a Heart Face

Heart shaped faces are also known as a widow’s peak, and are identifiable by the way the hairline creates the top of the heart, with the chin as the bottom. Many have given their hearts to Naomi Campbell, our celebrity inspo for this face shape. While bangs will hide the characteristic features, that shouldn’t keep you from trying them. When picking a bang style, avoid anything that’s too heavy or too wispy.

Crescent bangs for heart shaped faces

Crescent bangs for heart shaped faces


Crescent bangs are similar to A-shape bangs, with a more clean gradation from the side to the center. Like A-shaped bangs, Bardot bangs are a variation that also work with this face shape. 

To help get a slight curl under, you may need a curling wand or a hair straightener to get your bangs to sit exactly where you want them to. We recommend the Beach Wave Babe 2-Piece Set. We love minis for bangs, and this set comes with a straightener and a curling wand, allowing you to play around with which hot tool will get you the perfect style.

Micro bangs for heart shaped faces

Micro bangs for heart shaped faces


If you’re looking for edgier bangs, micro bangs are a cool choice for heart shaped faces. Instead of going blunt, get a textured cut that works with your hairline. 

Bangs for a Diamond Face 

Diamond faces are widest at the cheekbones, with a narrower forehead and chin. Jennifer Lopez really shows off her face shape with pulled back ponytails and highlighted cheekbones. There are many great options for this face shape, except for straight, blunt bangs. Look more aesthetic with these styles instead.

Side bangs for diamond faces 

Side bangs for diamond faces


Whether long and side swept or short and choppy, there is no wrong way to cut or style side bangs if you have a diamond shaped face. 

To achieve long, sweeping bangs, grab yourself the AF Swept Away 2-in-1 Volumizing Dryer Blowout Brush. You’ll be able to get the perfect side bang with one tool, no brush needed. If your hair is perfect but your bangs are not, wet them in the sink and do a quick run through with the blowout brush before heading out for the day. 

Faux hawk with micro bangs for diamond faces

Faux hawk with micro bangs for diamond faces


Faux hawks can be cute or edgy, depending on style and color. Instead of styling the front of your hair up, consider getting a more textured micro bang and allowing them to sit on your forehead. 

You’ll need hair wax, pomade, or gel, depending on your hair type. Once you’ve found the perfect product for you, this style will definitely make a statement. 

Choosing Bangs for Your Hair Type

Sure, you can always blow dry, straighten, or curl your hair to achieve a specific texture, but if you want your hair to look good at all times, these are the best bangs for every hair type. 

Bangs for Thin Hair

Bangs for Thin Hair


Unfortunately, blunt cuts are not in your future with thin hair, but the great news is that all the trendiest bangs for 2021 could be! 

If you’re going with a blunt and straight cut, thin hair tends to separate over the day resulting in stringy bangs rather than full bangs. Curtain bangs, A-shaped bangs, and side bangs are all excellent choices, as these are wispy styles that work well with thinner hair by helping to add some movement and texture. 

Bangs for Curly Hair

Bangs for Curly Hair


Women with curly hair shouldn’t be afraid of getting bangs, and your curl type can help determine what kind of bangs work best. Tight coils work well with A shape and side bangs. If your curls are looser, consider getting straight across bangs or a shag. 

Your bang hairstyle will look different than on someone with straight hair, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look glamorous. Work with your curls, not against them, and remember to balance your face shape so your hair doesn’t overwhelm your bone structure.

Bangs for Wavy Hair

Bangs for Wavy Hair


Wavy hair works best with straight bangs and side bangs, but the real trick to perfect bangs isn’t the cut but the style. 

Unfortunately with wavy hair, the contrast of straighter pieces with curlier pieces doesn’t always sit the way you want it to. That’s when you’ll want to grab your hot hair tools. The mini curlers and irons we recommended above will help you tame the pieces that won’t behave, helping you achieve the bangs of your dreams. 

Bangs for Thick Hair

Bangs for Thick Hair


Thick hair is excellent for straight across bangs, side bangs, and micro bangs. Whether blunt or textured, thick hair retains its shape over the day. 

Curtain bangs may be a no-go, as they’ll just fall back to center instead of wisping away to the side. If you have thick hair, take advantage of the texture to experiment with styles that hide your eyebrows and forehead. 

Looking Bangin’  

Have you determined the right bangs for your face shape and hair type? Each style will look a little different depending on the length and texture of your bangs. End your year with a bang, and have fun showing off your new hairstyle! 

If you do decide to rock some bangin’ hairstyles, let us know! Share your look with us by tagging us @almostfamoushaircare!