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Almost Famous Hair

MaxLength 1" Flat Iron with Rose Gold Titanium Plates


Introducing the epitome of luxury styling, where style meets efficiency. The MaxLength Flat Iron is your elegant wand for a hair transformation.

With its radiant 100% Rose Gold Titanium plates, this tool isn't just a visual treat but a master of swift styling.

• Golden Touch: Premium 100% Rose Gold Titanium plates ensure a smooth glide for hair perfection, minimizing damage and maximizing shine.
• Quick Styling: The world-class XL plates empower you to style more strands in less time, because every minute counts.
• Universal Compatibility: Crafted meticulously for all hair types, the MaxLength ensures every queen reigns supreme with her distinct style.
• Snag-Free Experience: Experience the magic of solid titanium plates that ensure zero snagging and utmost gentleness.
• Static and Frizz Be Gone: Trust the Far-Infrared temperature technology to keep static and frizz at bay, granting you a salon-finish.
• Ergonomic Brilliance: The sleek soft-touch grip isn't just for aesthetics—it offers unparalleled handling and control.
• Gentle Styling: OnePass floating plates ensure reduced stress on hair follicles, preserving hair health.
• Unfettered Movement: With a 360° swivel cord, say goodbye to tangling and embrace effortless styling.

    Tech Specs:

    • Dual Voltage: 110-240V , 50/60Hz
    • Temperature: 140-450 °F (60-230 °C)
    • Power: 40W(USA) / 110W(Canada)

    MaxLength 1" Flat Iron with Rose Gold Titanium Plates